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About Us

Established in 1995, Just Right has been servicing small businesses in San Diego for about 15 years.

Just Right is unique in its approach to post-implementation support. Our unique service model provides a single point of contact for all customer-related issues through its full service Help Desk and Network Operations Center. This service provides system administration and end user support to our customers. This allows our customer to speak to a pool of technicians that will solve their problem rather than relying on the engineer that completed the project. Just Right was founded by John Gibson and started out specializing in providing technology solutions for Real Estate and Mortgage Companies. Now, Just Right services a wide variety of small businesses throughout Southern California such as churches, law firms, insurance companies, an aeronautical machine manufacturer, financial institutions, resorts, a bridal convention company, a fashion design company and many other small businesses.

Just Right
Mailing Address:
10531 4S Commons Drive
Suite 166
San Diego, CA 92127

Phone: (858)538-8985
Fax: (928)438-8985