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Managed Care Service


There are a number of emerging trends that lead to the development of the managed care service.

  1. Small and Medium Business (SMB) is demanding more. 10 years ago a small and medium business operations were primarily comprised of paper-based systems. Today, a large portion of business operations are automated or computer-based. As such, businesses are more dependent on technology than ever before. A server or desktop that is down for only a few hours can have a big impact on SMB operations or customer service.
  2. Technology is becoming more complex. Technology is comprised of layers. The layers of technology can become corrupt over time leading to symptoms like system instability or applications crashing. Until recently the only cost-effective way to resolve these issues was to reinstall all the software. We are more fortunate today as there are proactive monitoring tools that identify issues at root cause. By identifying and correcting at root cause, issues are resolved before they lead to bigger problems and impact system performance or availability.
  3. Shortage of skilled computer support resources. Faced with reduced skilled resources technology service providers are forced to change from the traditional approach support plan of pay-me-when-your-network-goes-down to a proactive pay-me to-keep-your-network-up. This adjustment actually creates a win-win scenario between you and the technology service provider. The service provider takes over more responsibility in exchange for the customer agreeing to implement tools that are designed to prevent or eliminate problems.


Onsite and Remote Support

Proactive Monitoring

Email Scanning

Unlimited Help Desk Support (optional)


We created our managed care program based on feedback from our clients and prospects. See if any of these sound familiar:


The brochures listed below detail the support options available for you to choose from. The differences between the options correlate to the anticipated amount of support. As the commitment to support increase so does the support bundle which increase the overall value of the support package.

Managed Care at a glance - 2 users

Managed Care at a glance - 10 users