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Onsite Support

Onsite Support Helps You Work Better

Almost every PC is connected to a larger, more complex network with a variety of hardware and software products or solutions. The more complicated a network becomes the more things can fail. But as technology becomes more complicated, the layers can get confusing and only a visit from a competent, Microsoft expert can get things back to normal. So for these issues, Just Right offers onsite support. Onsite support allows you to get your issues solved in a timely and cost effective manner. Onsite support also covers any upgrades, installations, deployments or projects your network may require. We understand that when technology fails, the productivity of your business decreases.

Just Right’s on-site response offers a next-day, end-of business guarantee. That means you don’t have to wait a week for someone to fix your computer or network problem. With qualified engineers, Just Right guarantees your satisfaction.

Part of a comprehensive support plan

Just Right’s on-site support is a critical component to a comprehensive support plan. The comprehensive support plan is a powerful package of services that help you maximize system availability and minimize support costs. You can take advantage of continuous system monitoring to intercept work stoppage problems and a highly competent telephone and onsite assistance team to maintain efficiency and quickly resolve problems—for all the products.


Onsite Support Brochure